Why Choose Moodle?

At a recent presentation I was asked by a Secondary School Senior Manager: “How do I decide what Learning Management System to use?” I have come across this question many times and my answer is to at least NOT let your school technicians influence the decision. The decision should be made on the basis of an investigation of Management Systems and whether or not they provide the tools that the users require. The next question is “who are the users?”

An LMS should first and foremost be considered a Learning tool rather than a management tool and thus it should meet the pedagogical requirements of the users who are the Teachers rather than the Senior Management or Technicians. I have listed below a set of requirements that I looked as a teacher when evaluating different LMS’s:

  1. Content can be organised in the way that I want
  2. It is highly interactive for students
  3. There are many features available from which I can choose from
  4. It is highly intuitive for the users – both the student and the teacher
  5. It is robust enough for anyone to use without breaking
  6. It is reliable and can handle many users
You will note that I did not include cost. As a teacher this is not a concern for me – it is management’s job to make sure that the best LMS is used and to then consider how to cover the cost of implementation.
I chose to use the Moodle LMS because it met the requirements set out above. I will be making additional posts about Moodle and its many features and advantages regularly. Below is a snapshot of one of the courses that I have taught using Moodle with a Year 11 History class. I have also included some labels to highlight some of the features of the course homepage:

3 thoughts on “Why Choose Moodle?

  1. Hey Mark

    I totally agree with you. Moodle is so flexible it is perfect for use in the secondary school context. I really enjoy the interactivity of it and I also enjoy the fact that there are so many people on-line who can help you when you get stuck or need a bit of inspiration.

    I think that with so many tertiary institutes using moodle now that it is great our students will be able to move fluidly in to the next stage of their education.

    The results you have gained – particularly from your forums – are truly inspiring for any teacher who wants to see the true power of blended learning…

    adding you to my google reader right now!

  2. Have tried to use moodle for parent pilot programmes in ICT. Had mixed responses from users, so looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. Hi. Thanks for your post. It seems that getting teachers and parents to use Moodle might be tougher than getting students to use it. I think the best approach is to set up a well designed course which teachers are somehow compelled to access and then get them sold on it that way.
    Like anything, we have to sell our product. Overworked teachers need to be convinced that it is worthwhile from a user point of view.
    I am hoping…fingers crossed.

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