Video documentary – Year 9 Social Studies Inquiry and Presentation task

Guest Post by Chris Bester (Y9 Social Studies Teacher at Palmerston North Boys’ High School)

During the year my Year 9 Social Studies class studied Australia as a topic with special emphasis on the issues Aboriginal people faced during and after occupation of Australia in 1788 by Britain. The topic allowed us to do an assessed research inquiry to be internally peer assessed and then to use the research and develop the topic into a cross curricular exercise with their ICT teacher (Mark Callagher) to use a video presentation tool. Here is a link to the full research inquiry task.

WeVideo_logoThe students had to develop three of their own focussing questions to guide their research on a chosen topic (a range of topics were allocated). In class research as partners, students were able to present their inquiry in their specific topic to the task, which was peer assessed on SOLO taxonomy. They then developed a script from their research and presented in documentary format with the guidance of their ICT teacher using the WeVideo tool. They were shown very early in the task some model research clips on YouTube how to create effective documentary productions. It was also a very solid base for the students as they prepared for examinations on this topic.

One of the most pleasing successes was that I could play the clips of the topics that were to be covered for examinations as part of revision. The students could take notes from these videos and with earlier teacher presentation in class were able to gain high marks in the examinations.

Below is a Playlist of the videos that 9GI Social Studies created in this task (who, for international audiences, are boys aged at 13 years old – some going on 14).

Note: Apologies if some videos do not play due to blocking in some countries due to copyrighted snippets of music, but others will play.

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