ULearn 2011

ULearn 2011

Google Apps for Education – A Model for Effective Collaboration in the Classroom

Breakout 6 – Workshop/ Presenter: Mark Callagher / Strand: Learners / Themes: Innovation, Collaboration, Education/ Target Level: Late primary, Early secondary, Late secondary, Tertiary

This workshop will provide some real examples of how the Google Apps suite of tools has enabled innovative and collaborative learning at Wellington College. In particular, it shows how Year 9 history students have utilised Google tools to work collaboratively on inquiry-based projects at school and from home in order to present high quality work to their classmates using Google Docs. One outcome of this work has been the development of a class website using Google Sites which has show-cased individual and class-based work.

This workshop has three parts:

  1. A short presentation on the advantages of the Google Apps suite of tools and how their implementation at Wellington College has enabled better communication, collaboration and learning for all students.
  2. The case study of the Year 9 History class
  3. An opportunity for participants to share their own experience with Google Docs and discuss their ideas for using Google Docs in their own classrooms and schools.

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2. Copy of Class Student Survey – Written Feedback PDF (handout)

Professional Development for your School

From 2012 I will be offering Google Apps and Moodle Professional Development for Schools in New Zealand and beyond. More Details to come.
For now contact me at markcallagher@gmail.com

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