Terminating the Textbook

I read an interesting article today sourced from the Daily Mail UK article and making it to our local paper (Dominion Post, Wellington). Governor Arnie wants to “terminate” the textbook to save money for the debt-ridden Californian economy. His reason, electronic devices and online learning are replacing the textbook and will save money for schools (his State budget) in the long run. Of course Arnie is going against his best instincts here. Surely the youth of today need to build up their back muscles by carrying around heavily laden bags of textbooks?

Arnie’s message, if perhaps for purely economic reasons, is of course an acknowledgement of where things are inevitably heading. Once institutions can see that an initial investment in web based and mobile learning tools and resources will save them money in the long run, the shift will accelerate.

An afterthought from a History Teacher: Didn’t another Austrian once try to destroy books? At least this one is a lot taller and doing it for the right reasons…

2 thoughts on “Terminating the Textbook

  1. @moodlegirl mentioned your blog to me what a great read. Nice to see another History teacher using some of the amazing tools at our disposal. I look forward to reading further on your moodle journey.

  2. Hmmmnnn, “terminating textbooks”, nice term, though I don’t see the benefits of that as electronic information is still rather fragile and prone to damage. Well, let’s see how it goes…!! &, nice Blog too..

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