History: Origins of World War II – Interactive Revision Activities

History: Origins of World War II – Interactive Revision Activities

This is a collection of Interactive Revision Activities such as Quizzes, Games, Student Glossary Task and Student Topic Notes (editable) that cover the whole topic “Origins of WWII”.

The quiz/game resources are a collection of Flash for web or HTML and can be added to any Learning Management System (LMS or CMS) such as Moodle, Blackboard etc.

These interactive revision activities have proven very popular with students both in class and from home.

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Content in the package includes:

  1. Fling the Teacher (in “Who wants to be a Millionaire” format) – 3 Quizzes including
    i. 1920s (question bank includes 60 randomised questions)
    ii. early 1930s (question bank includes 45 randomised questions)
    iii. late 1930s (question bank includes 45 randomised questions – See quiz sample here
  2. Match-up Terms covering the whole topic – 5 QuizzesSee match-up quiz sample here
  3. Time Line Revision 5 Quizzes including:
    i. Attempts at Peace 1919-29
    ii. Challenges to Peace 1929-34
    iii. Challenges to Peace 1935-37
    iv. Steps Towards War 1937-39
    v. Towards Global War 1940-41 – see quiz sample here
  4. Glossary of Terms Student-Centred Task including suggested Glossary List (has been used effectively as a Moodle LMS Glossary Task, but could be used in any format)
  5. Four Timeline Resources/Diagrams including:
    i. Timeline 1939-45
    ii. Timeline of Key Events 1919-41
    iii. Comparative Timeline Diagram – Rise of Aggression 1931-37 – see this sample here
    iv. Comparative Timeline Diagram – Road to War 1937-42
  6. Student Topic Notes for the whole topic (PDF & Editable Word Format) – see sample here


  1. Go to the link HERE at TES Resources.
  2. Make your purchase and the click “Download all files” which creates a zip folder, then upload the folder directly to your student course LMS.
    (Important: Interactive Game Quiz swf files need to stay in the same folder as their matching html files to work).
  3. Create links to each individual html file in your LMS (in some cases to the index file)

All of the above resources can be purchased in the one package from TES for £10

Note: Interactive activity creation software can be purchased from ContentGenerator.net