Digital Textbook – The Origins and Fighting of World War II [FREE]

Digital Textbook – The Origins and Fighting of World War II [FREE]

Students find these online textbook readings very easy to follow which dramatically improves their understanding of the many complex issues that led to the outbreak of World War II. Also included are readings on the major theatres and battles of the war, how it ended and the consequences.

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The Origins of World War II

Chapter 1 – The Ending of World War I
Chapter 2 – Treaty of Versailles
Chapter 3 – League of Nations; Threats to Peace
Chapter 4 – 1924-29 An Era of Hope
Chapter 5 – 1929-35 Depression and Rise of the Nazi Party
Chapter 6 – 1929-35 Rise of Aggressive Forces
Chapter 7 – Italy and Abyssinia; Failure of the League of Nations
Chapter 8 – Germany reoccupies the Rhineland; Japan invades China
Chapter 9 – Spanish Civil War and The Axis
Chapter 10 – Appeasement and Anschluss
Chapter 11 – The Czechoslovakia Crisis
Chapter 12 – Poland and War
Chapter 13 – The Fall of Western Europe
Chapter 14 – Britain Alone    (See the Sample Quiz here which matches this chapter)
Chapter 15 – Operation Barbarossa
Chapter 16 – USA Isolation and Pearl Harbour

See how you can purchase interactive quizzes to match each of the above textbook readings for chapters 1 –16

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The Fighting of World War II

Chapter 17 – The Atlantic
Chapter 18 – The Mediterranean and North Africa
Chapter 19 – Eastern Europe
Chapter 20 – The Pacific and Asia
Chapter 21 – The Ending of World War II
Chapter 22 – The Consequences of World War II

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