History: Origins of World War II – Interactive Sequenced Content Quizzes

History: Origins of World War II – Interactive Sequenced Content Quizzes

These are thorough and in-depth interactive teaching quizzes covering the topic “Origins of WWII”. They can be added to any Learning Management System (LMS or CMS) such as Moodle, Blackboard etc, where student completion and results can also easily be linked to the course system’s online mark book. These are web friendly html files which can be completed on any device.

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SAMPLE: Quiz 14 – Britain Alone

Part 1 – Alone (Multi-choice)
Part 2 – Battle (Multi-choice)
Part 3 – Military (True/False)
Part 4 – Summary Paragraph (Gap fill)
Part 5 – Summary Knowledge (Crossword)


  1. Go to each individual quiz link BELOW which takes you directly to TES Resources.
  2. Purchase the Quiz that you require (unfortunately you will need to purchase each individually).
  3. Click “Download all files” which creates a zip folder, then upload the folder directly to your LMS or Website
    (Important: quiz resource files such as images need to be kept in the same folder)
  4. Follow the instructions of your LMS to link the quiz into your LMS lessons and also to link the quiz completion/results to the mark book.
    (Note: These quizzes can be added onto any web system. Remember that copyright does not alow you to make them publicly available outside your school).

Content covered includes:

Quiz 1 – The Ending of World War I
Quiz 2 – Treaty of Versailles
Quiz 3 – League of Nations; Threats to Peace
Quiz 4 – 1924-29 An Era of Hope
Quiz 5 – 1929-35 Depression and Rise of the Nazi Party
Quiz 6 – 1929-35 Rise of Aggressive Forces
Quiz 7 – Italy and Abyssinia; Failure of the League of Nations
Quiz 8 – Germany reoccupies the Rhineland; Japan invades China
Quiz 9 – Spanish Civil War and The Axis
Quiz 10 – Appeasement and Anschluss
Quiz 11 – The Czechoslovakia Crisis
Quiz 12 – Poland and War
Quiz 13 – The Fall of Western Europe
Quiz 14 – Britain Alone        (See Sample Above)
Quiz 15 – Operation Barbarossa
Quiz 16 – USA Isolation and Pearl Harbour

Each of the quizzes above can be purchased individually from TES (using the links above) for £3 each (Total cost is £48 for the full set for your whole school)

Purchase Matching Student Notes:

You can purchase a full set of student notes (organised by chapter to match each of these quizzes – see sample Chapter 6 here), along with a wide range of interactive topic revision resources. See here for more details.