Student Research Presentations with Lucidpress

Lucidpress-logo-2Well it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog, but that is not to say that I have not been busy and moving ahead with using a range of ICT’s in my role as Director of E-Learning at Palmerston North Boys’ High. Things have been moving very quickly for the school this year to the benefit of everyone and our new Moodle Page branded Stratus, though it still has a lot of development to go, has been very successful in helping to showcase to staff how web has so much potential in showcasing student work. It has also been a great site for acting as a Single-Sign-On facility for our main web learning apps which support learning. One of them which the students of my Social Studies class used this year is called Lucidpress which an online print and digital publishing software and  is completely free for Education institutions.

All Year 10 Social Studies students are required to complete a research assignment for their Term One 20th Century History Topic.

The task for students in my Year 10 class was:

“You are a news reporter for a magazine of your choosing. You are to research, write and present a news magazine report on a significant battle of World War II which caused challenges to people”

Each report required:

  1. An Article about the background and reasons for the event
  2. An Article reporting from the location about the event
  3. An article about the leaders involved
  4. And an article about new innovations which impacted the event

This task was assessed using SOLO Taxonomy, which has proven very helpful for our students by challenging them to think about how they can move their thinking and learning to a higher level.

The full task description can be found here


Other Year 10 Class Publications well worth viewing are:

The Battle of The River Plate – by Curtis Rutland

The Battle of Midway – by Matthew O’Leary

The Battle of Nanjing – by Joe Ryan

The Battle of Crete – by Anson Price

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