2 thoughts on “Moodle Overview

  1. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the preso on Mobile Learning – handy. I’d say don’t forget about the human infrastructure development when it comes to deployment of such learning – that’s the trickiest, the hardest and (because of it) the most satisfying bit of change you outline nicely.

    Having read the post title “Moodle Overview’ I could not help myself not to alert you to a little clip about Moodle as an analogy with Lego. I’m getting some pretty happy people saying it’s helped them with intro to Moodle so I thought I’d share, here is the link:

    Cheers from your regular reader 🙂

    Tomaz Lasic

  2. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for your comment. I think your Moodle videos are totally awesome. I am going to add the lego one to my site – the one on teacher tube because I can read it better.


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