Moodle Explained

This video explains Moodle as a set of course building blocks – illustrated with Lego.

It was made last month by Tomaz Lasic who is also the author of videos in one of my previous posts showing how Moodle changed his High School in Perth, Western Australia.

[Note: This video is high quality and you will need to go to full screen mode to view fully]

“What is Moodle” explained with Lego (full version) from Tomaz Lasic on Vimeo.

An attempt to answer the question “What is Moodle?” by using an analogy with Lego blocks. This is the full version.

To see the slides used in the presentation, see

(much clearer to see small fonts, recommended).

For more on Moodle, its use in schools and some basic tutorials (2 Minute Moodles) please feel free to visit

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