Moodle and Google Apps after 9 Months – Our Students Respond

Well its been a long year and a good 8 months since my last post. I sound a bit like a lapsed Catholic in a confession with the irregularity of my posts – but its been such a busy year and I now have a bit of energy and something to say about how things have been going. My last post was about how we had implemented our new Moodle site, which some of our students had requested be named MyColl, and the successes that we had experienced. The site has gone from strength to strength and feedback from a number of reputable sources show that MyColl has been one of busiest school Moodle sites in the country.

We completed an online survey in November, 9 months after we had introduced the integrated Moodle & Google Apps site to the school, which ran for about 10 days to gauge our student feedback. It ran for the period just as our senior students were preparing to and left for exams. The response rate was over 20% of the student body. The survey was anonymous though students were required to sign in via their school Google Accounts – here is a link to a parallel survey.

One of the responses from the survey was that a good proportion of our students were accessing resources from home. Our school is a regular Day School with no boarders and is only just starting on a path of teachers putting work online. To have so many students accessing the Learning Management System from home in its first year is very encouraging.

The uptake of Google Docs across the College by students in just 9 months is both surprising and also hugely encouraging. Although 25% of the students have never used Docs, 75% have had some exposure with 34% being regular users (either “Often” or “All the time”). It is anticipated that usage of Google Docs will grow more sharply in 2011 with Google’s huge on-going investment to improve the product and more staff planning to use the tool within their teaching programmes.

What feature(s) do you MOST LIKE about MyColl?

About half the students who completed the survey took the opportunity to write comments on features which they liked about the site. Here is a wordcloud that gives a visual impression of what they liked the most.

Finally, the students were asked if they would like a student area to discuss, debate, vote and engage one another on school based issues. With the advent of social forums such as facebook (currently blocked within school due to its highly distractive nature) I expected that students would rather stay away from a school based social network. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the response as you can see below. We will be launching “Student Voice” for students in early 2011.

Well those are a few of the responses from our students. As you can see another busy year ahead with a few more projects to get under way. I intend to get a post out once per month this coming year, but don’t hold me to it.

Happy New Year to all.

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