Implementing Moodle in a High School

It is my belief that the implementation of an interactive Learning Management System such as Moodle is best accomplished using a ground up rather than top down model.

The following two videos show what Belmont City College in Perth, Western Australia accomplished within a short space of time. After 10 months over 50% of teaching staff were using Moodle. The videos (part 1 & 2) step through the process of the schools implementation of Moodle and also demonstrate what is possible for teachers, students and administrators with the Moodle LMS.

This is a great presentation which I thoroughly recommend:


3 thoughts on “Implementing Moodle in a High School

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  2. It’s also nice, sometimes, when you switch off the technology and just have a good-ol’ fashioned face to face chat without letting technology get in the way.

  3. Hi Sally. That is assuming we let technology “get in the way”. My belief is that we should use the Technology tools to “enhance” learning, organisation and communications – absolutely not to replace it.
    My History students, thanks to the added use of technology, are now coming to class better informed and more knowledgeable. They access a greater range of ideas and information than any of my classes in the past. They now engage more, and at a deeper level, in the many “normal” discussions that we have in class.

    If that is “letting technology get in the way” then I will take it any day…

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