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Recently I had a request from one of the school management team to show him how to resize (downsize) student photos to upload to our student management website. The photos that he had taken were far too large.

I decided that Photoshop would be too complicated to train him for such a simple task. I went to find Adobe Fireworks, a much simpler editor, on our school system and found that it had been removed in our last update.

I then decided to search for a web based tool. It was then that I discovered a fantastic tool called Pixlr, an online image editor that is totally free and you don’t even have to create an account to use it.

Pixlr has an adobe photoshop/fireworks flash interface which allows you to either:

  1. Upload an image from your computer
  2. Upload an image directly from a website
  3. Create a new image
It has a layers pallette, Navigator and History similar to photoshop.
The tools are simple to use and include select tools, a good range of filters and even a clone stamp.
This screenshot below gives an idea as to the familiar adobe tools and Pallette look.

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