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I have been meaning to write this post for some time now so here it is.

At the start of this school year (February for those in the Northern Hemisphere) I started introducing Google Forms (surveys) with my own classes and also to other teachers. For those not aware, Google Forms are a function of Google Docs. They are very simple to create – simplicity of use being one of Google’s principles. Information from submitted forms feeds into a Google Spreadsheet and results can also be viewed in a nice graphical summary view.

Here is a list of some of the ways that I have used Forms with my classes and activity groups:

  • Group Preferences – My History class were placed in groups for one of the topics. They gave me confidential feedback as to who in the class they felt most comfortable working with.
  • Intro to the Course Questionnaire – used to gather student knowledge at the beginning of a course
  • Word Association tasks – used to gather a range of words students associate with a topic – This example is from my Year 9 History class for words associated with “Ancient Rome”. The words were then pasted into to make a word cloud.
  • End of Topic Surveys – Great for gathering information on what type of activities the students thought were the most useful or enjoyable and of course etc.
  • Gathering Contact List Details – I used this to create contact lists for parents of my care group (Form Class), for the Rugby Team that I coached and of course emailing lists for my classes
  • Online Application Forms – The Tech Crew students who I help organise applied for membership via a Google Form
  • Class Vote – My Web Design class voted anonymously for the best website produced as part of an assignment [I won’t give the link to this one as my students names are listed]
  • Team Vote – My Rugby Team voted anonymously for end of season prizes for Most Valuable Player, Most Consistent Player etc. [Again my players names are listed so I won’t link for privacy reasons]
  • Group Member and Topic Preferences – My Year 9 History Class informed me of who they were working with in their groups and their preferred topics for research projects.

Here are some of the ways that Forms have been used school wide:

  • Professional Development Feedback – I have run a range of Teacher Professional Development workshops on Moodle and Google Docs.
  • School Survey – Members of our school community (students, teachers, parents) were invited to complete a survey on the qualities that they thought were important in a Wellington College (our school) learner.
  • Teacher Workshop Choices – on our last Professional Development day Teachers completed an emailed form to choose between a range of workshops
  • Scholarship Practice Examination Slots – Our Deputy Principal gathered choices of slots for optional practice exams (to be held this week and next). Some of the subjects were held at the same time whereas others were the students choices when to sit. All of this information was gathered and collated from well over 100 students. The Deputy Principal said that it saved him at least 10 hours of collation and chasing up students.
  • Sports Day Entries – Our Head of Sports just today asked me to design a form for approximately 500 students to choose events to compete in along with their DOB, Age Groups etc for next February’s Sports Day
I have created Links to some of the forms above to give you an idea of how I have designed them. Please do NOT complete or any of them submit. It is worth noting that you can turn the forms on and off depending on whether you wish to accept responses or not.

Other features are:

  • A choice of themes to make the forms more visually attractive
  • The forms can be emailed as a link or added to web pages by embedding or linking
  • One great feature is that you can add additional information into new columns in the spreadsheet without affecting later entries into the form
  • All entries are time/date-stamped so that you know when the information was submitted
  • Already mentioned are the great summary tools which automatically create useful graphs for quick analysis
If you have not used Google Forms then do give them a go. They are VERY SIMPLE. Just create a Google Account if you haven’t already and start using them….You won’t look back. They have saved many hours of time for myself and a growing number of our Teaching, Administration and Management staff.

5 thoughts on “Fantastic Forms

  1. Hi Mark,

    I have used Google forms a bit, but not as much as the Feedback and Questionnaire tool in Moodle. What advantages do you think Google forms has over these two tools, aside from simplicity perhaps?

  2. Hi Darren,
    Excellent question. You have identified one of the key reasons of course, the simplicity of Google Forms.

    One of the other key reasons is accessibility. Moodle courses require participants to login to complete activities such as Moodle Questionnaire. Google Forms can be linked to through an email or on any website. You can even embed into a blog, Google Site or Moodle.

    That is the beauty of Moodle, being able to integrate/embed any web 2.0 tool into the Courses. I am open to using any Web 2.0 tool that does the job well into my courses.

  3. Hi Mark
    We use Moodle feedbacks & questionnaires anonymously, by adding them in a separate guest access course (e.g. a “forms course”) and then providing direct links to them in emails/forums etc. But most of our teachers just create them within the courses and apply the “anonymous” option within the settings.

    But based on your enthusiasm I will have a play with using Google forms as another alternative. 🙂


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