Canterbury University to adopt Moodle

Canterbury University (New Zealand) has just announced that they will be ditching Blackboard for Moodle and have started the shift process for full adoption by the start of 2010.

Canterbury University implemented a steering group which recommended Moodle be trialled against their current Blackboard CMS. The steering group’s final decision based process had these criteria:

  • Usability (by teachers and students)
  • Operational (reliability, external support, features and flexibility)
  • Strategic (future proofing, adaptation, stability of provider)
  • Cost (transition and long term)
  • Risk
Their executive summary report had Moodle coming out ahead of Blackboard in most of the above criteria (equal in other criteria but never behind Blackboard) and was strongly supported by amongst staff (70% outright preference for Moodle).
A link to Canterbury University’s LMS Review Process and be accessed here and a full public report (PDF) can be accessed here.

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