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Video Documentary – A Student Centred Collaborative Inquiry Research & Presentation Task

My Year 10 Social Studies class had the topic of Global Issues to tackle. This is an interesting topic but can be really dry if the teacher retains control and tries to teach the facts. I decided to hand it over to the students and get them to create a documentary in pairs on a […]

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The Modern Connected Learner

At the end of 2011 I had left my position as e-Learning Director at Wellington College and during 2012 worked as an e-Learning consultant and trainer to a number of schools and e-Learning PD clusters around New Zealand. It was a stimulating year where , having visiting a range of schools, I have been able […]

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Google Sites – Enabling students to aspire to a higher quality of research and presentation work

Last year my Year 9 History class was about to embark on their task of researching Old Boys from their school who fought in the First World War. The dual purpose of the topic was for these new entrants to learn about the history of their school, their country at the time and the battle […]

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Moodle and Google Apps after 9 Months – Our Students Respond

Well its been a long year and a good 8 months since my last post. I sound a bit like a lapsed Catholic in a confession with the irregularity of my posts – but its been such a busy year and I now have a bit of energy and something to say about how things […]

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Fast Changing Web Trends – Student Snapshots

Besides being a teacher of High School Mathematics and History (I only know of one other teacher in the country who also has this combination) I have also just started my second year of teaching Web Design & Development to Year 12 (16-17 year olds), a course that I developed last year. On the first […]

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Google Docs for Collaboration (Part 4)

Well its been 6 weeks since my last posting. I have been incredibly busy but have continued to use Google Docs for Collaborative work with my students. Here is another way that I have used Google Docs in the last few weeks. Year 9 (13-14 Year Old) Research and Presentation – Ancient Rome I decided […]

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Tech Crew makes an impact

Our High School, Wellington College, has been using a model of student involvement in ICT. This has grown out of the School’s principle of actively engaging senior students in all areas of leadership. The Tech Crew program, started in 2006, was based on a model that our sister school, Wellington Girls College, had initiated. A […]

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"Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning"
-The NZ Curriculum (p36)

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