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Implementing Moodle in a High School

It is my belief that the implementation of an interactive Learning Management System such as Moodle is best accomplished using a ground up rather than top down model.

The following two videos show what Belmont City College in Perth, Western Australia accomplished within a short space of time. After 10 months over 50% of teaching staff were using Moodle. The videos (part 1 & 2) step through the process of the schools implementation of Moodle and also demonstrate what is possible for teachers, students and administrators with the Moodle LMS.

This is a great presentation which I thoroughly recommend:


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3 Responses to “Implementing Moodle in a High School”

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  • sally says:

    It’s also nice, sometimes, when you switch off the technology and just have a good-ol’ fashioned face to face chat without letting technology get in the way.

  • Hi Sally. That is assuming we let technology “get in the way”. My belief is that we should use the Technology tools to “enhance” learning, organisation and communications – absolutely not to replace it.
    My History students, thanks to the added use of technology, are now coming to class better informed and more knowledgeable. They access a greater range of ideas and information than any of my classes in the past. They now engage more, and at a deeper level, in the many “normal” discussions that we have in class.

    If that is “letting technology get in the way” then I will take it any day…

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"Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning"
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